Txtify.it is a service that can make a webpage more accessible by making it text only. It will also bypass paywalls on articles.


  1. Find an article you want to read in a text only format and copy the URL.
  2. Paste the URL you want to txtify into the text box labeled "Enter URL here".
  3. After entering the URL, find the button labeled "TXTify".
  4. Click this button.
  5. The webpage will navigate to the txtified version of the URL you entered.

The Txtify-Quick page is a faster version of this tool. Depending on your browser, it will either open with the cursor already in the textbox allowing you to paste and txtify without navigating to the textbox or it will automatically paste the contents of your clipboard into the textbox and txtify it automatically.

Bookmark or add the txtify-quick page so you can quickly txtify articles.

Txtify-Quick Link