This webpage is a collection of Accessibility tools made to improve internet access to people with vision impairments.

Links to these tools are available at the bottom of the page or through your links list.

Txtify is a tool that presents webpages in a text only format. The Dictionary, thesaurus, wikipedia tools use Txtify to provide text only results for your searches.

The calculators are designed with accessibility in mind. Each calculator is designed with a specific purpose. For example, area, perimeter, mean, mode, median, etc.

Accessibility Tools, you can find tools such as apps and chrome extensions that are not designed by me but improve accessibility when browsing the internet.

The News section features text only or lite news that is more accessible for braille display and screen reader users


Audio Description is narration that describes important visual details from a scene in a movie or on television. It describes actions, expressions, scene, and other visual details that are important to the story. Using that link you can find, what movies and TV shows offer audio description, what platforms have those movies and shows, and how to enable audio description on your device.

You can ask me any questions or give me recommendations using the feedback link. I also accept donations with the Paypal link.