Tips for Efficient Web Search

Here are a few tips to make your web search easier and more efficient.

Basic Search Tips

Search phrase: Putting quotations around your search terms will search them as a phrase. Words in quotations will return results that have the words in that order.

Example: “go from here”

Remove term: Sometimes your search results will return results that are related to your terms but they aren’t what you are looking for. For instance, you maybe searching for information about Anne Hathaway, William Shakespeare's wife who lived in the 1500’s. Odds are searching “Anne Hathaway” will return results related to the famous actress. To remove Anne Hathaway the actress from your search results you need to first, enter you search terms and then use the dash or minus sign (-) followed by terms you want to avoid.

Example: Anne Hathaway -actress -celebrity -movie

Site Search Tips

Search Site: To limit your search results to a particular website type “Site:” followed by the URL, then your search terms. For example, if you wanted to view the go-from-here news page but couldn’t find it on the main page. You could search “ news”

Search Filetype: To limit your search results to a specific filetype write filetype: followed by the file type you want. Then enter your search terms.

Example: “filetype:docx United states constitution”

Social Media searches

Hashtag: You can search for a hashtag using the number sign before the search terms. (No spaces between words or the the hashtag)

Example: #gofromhere

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