Turn on Audio Descriptions

Audio Descriptions narrate information about actions, characters, scene changes, on-screen text, and other visual content.

To find titles that support Audio Descriptions from compatible devices look for rows on the Home page named, "Movies with Audio Descriptions" or "TV with Audio Descriptions."

Visit Amazon's Movies and TV Shows with Audio Descriptions to find a complete list of compatible titles.

An accessibility friendly list of Prime Videos that support Audio Descriptions can also be found at the American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project.

Audio Descriptions for Prime Video are available on the following devices:

  • Mac / PC Computers (Website Streaming)
  • iOS and Android mobile deices
  • Fire Tablets (2nd generation and higher)
  • Fire TV devices (Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV edition TV)
  • Echo Show

Turn Audio Descriptions On or Off

  1. Start playback of a movie or TV show with Audio Descriptions available.
  2. Select the Subtitles and Audio option in your playback controls.
  3. Select the audio track with the [Audio Description] tag or the desired audio language without the tag.
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