Final Week of Math Assignments

This is the final week of math assignments.

You have will have the necessary documents shortly, in braille form. For formatting reasons, the binder holes are on the right side of the paper. Sorry about that.

You have been assigned a review for the Chapter Test and the Chapter test. You must complete before the end of the last day of school, so I can grade it and submit it to your teacher. The test is in braille form, you may need to use your braille writer to solve some of these problems. Instead of submitting a braille document to me, you will write your answers into the .docx that you can download below and email that to me so I can submit it to the teacher immediately. There are also print copies that your parents can view available on the links below.

I would suggest you try to take the test on Wednesday if you can. This way if you have any questions about the test you will have time to ask me about it before its due.

Review Answer Key print Copy Link

Chapter Test Answer Sheet DOWNLOAD LINK

Chapter Test Print Copy